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Top 4 Tips for Optimising Network Infrastructure

Tony Page - Thursday, June 26, 2014

Top 4 Tips for Optimising Network Infrastructure

With every new technological advancement comes increased efficiency, and a more functional, intuitive workflow, but also further expertise and demand on the part of any network administrator.

Such demands call for a more holistic and optimised network infrastructure, and one that can adapt to future growth and change. With that in mind, here are our top four tips for optimising network infrastructure.

Make the most of cloud computing and virtualization

One of the biggest hindrances for any enterprise looking to optimize and streamline their network infrastructure is physical hardware and other such infrastructure.

Many organizations find their time is occupied with numerous administrative tasks required for the maintenance of server hardware, time that could otherwise be spent on actual organization growth.

Cloud computing and other means of virtualization are a great way to cut out the need for this time, so it can be better utilized elsewhere without sacrificing a high quality system.

Make Room for Integration

In competitive markets, a large part of the skill of operating a successful business involves building flexibility into its culture.

After all, it's a dog eat dog world and any dogs who are incapable of accommodating movement and staying relevant can and will be eaten.

As a result, it's vitally important that new software and technology is implemented with integration in mind. This will ease adaptation and keep your enterprise relevant in a constantly-changing market space.

Consolidate Data Centers Where Possible

Whether it be tradition or sentiment, many enterprises find themselves hanging onto defunct data centers which serve no purpose beyond accruing maintenance costs and other burdens.

Admittedly, some enterprises do have need for some high-tier data centers, but many do not, or at the very least, almost all do not need all of the ones they have.

Only Invest In Software That Offers Maximum Visibility

In an ever changing landscape such as the digital one, data managers require as much transparency as possible.

This will enable them to make decisions rapidly and respond to any influxes of data in an informed and timely manner.

Keeping all network management tasks as part of one holistic control will also save time, as utilizing numerous platforms to manage its different aspects requires three times as much expertise and greater management skills.

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