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5 Cost Saving Tips for IT Infrastructure

Tony Page - Thursday, July 03, 2014

5 Cost Saving Tips for IT Infrastructure

As part of a business' overall IT budget, infrastructure often accounts for a disproportionately high percentage, thus making it a good candidate for money saving changes as part of implementing lean business practices.

Not every financial saving need accrue detrimental costs to efficiency, however, and with this in mind, here are 5 IT infrastructure cost saving tips that have the potential to transform the way your business operates for the better.

Renegotiate Networking Costs

Telecommunications contracts are often left unexamined for years at a time, but by performing regular audits on them, you're more likely to have a strong idea of their value, and thus, how much is worth spending on networking.

Being prepared to renegotiate telecommunications contracts can result in a discounted arrangement.

Virtualize now!

Most enterprises have implemented some degree of virtualization across the company, but many more have left key business areas in physical formats, which can waste both time and money.

Don't wait to virtualize as much as you can - not only will it increase your efficiency and workflow, it will also streamline your enterprise and save you money.

Join the self-service revolution

IT support can be a huge financial burden for any business or organization, so many savvy professionals have installed self service portals which cut down on the need for trained personnel, meaning staff can concentrate on other, more directly progressive areas of the company.

Consolidate those servers!

Servers are, without a doubt, one of the biggest financial hindrances for any business. Unfortunately, up until recently, an abundance of them (and the maintenance and upgrading that they necessitate) were an absolute necessity.

With virtualization and cloud computing taking off in a big way, however, an overabundance of servers will only serve (no pun intended) to be a drain on resources that could be better spent elsewhere.

By consolidating existing servers, you maintain the benefits of in-house infrastructure, without throwing time and money away.

Automate systems where possible

There's no doubt about it: people cost money, and sometimes, the quality you get from a job performed by a person can be replicated and perhaps even better by an automated process. As a result, IT operations offers some great opportunities for financial savings.

If you're looking for more ways to reduce your IT infrastructure costs for your office, contact SEGI Sales today on 480-317-0868.

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