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Manage Your New Data Center: The Entire Internet

Tony Page - Thursday, July 17, 2014

In the boom of the digital age, the modern data center really bears little resemblance to its 'big, LED-heavy hardware room' predecessors.

Cloud computing, mobile applications, and software analysis tools have signaled the end of the physical age and given way to a whole new kind of data center: one that you can carry around in your pocket, should you wish to.

This ease and accessibility has meant that CIOs are under more pressure than ever to stay on top of their mobile data center. In theory, all CIOs can access the right information to identify and sometimes resolve the following issues in real time, from anywhere, 24/7:

  • Network problems under the business' network jurisdiction
  • Proper operation of all network aspects
  • Public internet network issues
  • Cloud network issues

While this should seem easy when most data center managers can access all relevant information from numerous channels, most data centers themselves simply aren't equipped to adequately display this information in a clear and succinct format that consolidates data with the intention of making it easily interpretable.

Of course, the nature of data presentation is only one such problem for data center managers. The other primary problem concerns change. As digital platforms are constantly moving forward, business models have to adapt and the ways in which data can be interpreted and acted upon too have to change.

This set of responsibilities can see many data center managers opting to switch to cloud based platforms in the hopes that doing so will shift a portion of responsibility to software providers. This approach, however appealing, is also a mistaken one, and should be avoided because true management lies in solid understanding.

Any CIO worth their salt should endeavor to become the master of their own data center tools and increasingly, this means getting a handle on all cloud-based applications or, if you will, getting a handle and successfully managing the entire internet.

Nine times out of ten, this requires a willingness to change, and the ability to predict and anticipate problems which will inevitably arise, even with the smoothest sailing ship in the world. By emphasizing a culture of change and constant improvement, CIOs will be best equipped to manage their data center: the entire internet, and make informed and adaptable decisions that will strive to constantly improve any operations across an enterprise.

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