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Structured Cabling Solutions for Arizona Clients: What You Should Know

Tony Page - Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Are you an Arizona business moving your location, building a new facility or dealing with a network upgrade? If so, you will probably face some challenges with structured cabling. Regardless of your network service provider, be it the telecom or cable company, there are always questions around structured cabling. You don't need to be a contractor or CIO, but having a few helpful tips can save you time, money and headaches.

Know Your Building

Whether your Arizona building is brand new, a new location or a renovation, having its blueprint is a huge help when it comes to structured cabling installation. Not only is it helpful for running actual cable, but also for determining locations for things like pathways, work area outlets, equipment rooms and telecommunication closets.

You may not realize it, but structured cabling is more than just running cable; it's configuring a network in your building. Structured cabling will obviously look a lot different in an old stucco building compared to a state-of-the-art environmentally-friendly "green" building.

Know Your Safety

Structured cabling is not one-size-fits-all. Aside from building specifications, there are also safety considerations. Depending on whether or not your cabling will be running alongside HVAC vents, determines if fire-rated plenum cable is needed. Cabling in spaces that provide air circulation must be plenum, which means they contain a special PVC coating in order to limit toxic fumes in the event of a fire.

Know Your Demarc

Knowing where your service provider's facilities end and where yours begins is essential. This is known as the demarcation or "demarc." Its location will help determine the configuration of the structured cabling needed to provide your computer network and telephone systems.

Know Your Configuration and Equipment

If you already have a business network up and running, knowing your current network configuration is helpful when you're looking to upgrade or move. Knowing what you have in the way of servers, routers and other equipment can make cabling determinations much easier.

Know Your Future Needs

You may not know what your future structured cable needs are, but you likely have an idea of what your future business needs will be. Keep them in mind when you meet with your installer. Let them know about that expansion office or conference room you're planning for next year. That way they can wire things up ahead of time, saving you time and money when you're ready to hook up that new room.

Know about Professional Services

Choosing and installing structured cable for your network shouldn't be difficult if you enlist the help of a professional. Take the hassle out of doing this work in-house. Our experts at SEGI can help you with structured cable installation and product selection to ensure you have the right solution. We understand the various challenges encountered with structured cabling and have local representatives available to meet with you to assess your needs. We can help you with your current needs and provide cabling and network suggestions for when your business grows.

Know about Products

As an Arizona business, it's helpful to know about available products for your telecom and computer cabling needs. However, rather than spend hours researching, let the team at SEGI save you the effort. We represent manufacturers with the latest and most innovative network infrastructure products. We can help provide copper or fiber optic cable, including connectivity, structural, thermal and power products, cable support and pathway systems, testing and diagnostic equipment, and PVC conduit and fittings. We also specialize in structural lightning protection and grounding specifically for Arizona businesses.

Know about Competitive Offerings

Many vendors specialize in competitive solutions for structured cabling and networks, but few have the knowledge and experience of the folks at SEGI. We have salespeople and product specialists located throughout the Arizona area to give you immediate, local assistance with product selection, installation and education as well as help you save tremendous amounts of money in construction and energy costs.

If you need assistance with structured cabling solutions, contact SEGI Sales Pros. We can help!

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