Data Center Infrastructure

Common to all of the Vertical markets served by SEGI is the ever increasing demand for an immense amount of streaming information, leading to the tremendous growth of public and privately owned data centers.

Unlike traditional “computer rooms,” data centers typically have their own power, HVAC systems, protection and service providers. Given that its purpose is to house critical data in a multitude of computers often called servers, a data center can be defined as the area where the majority of enterprise servers and storage are located, operated and managed.

It is vital that this data be protected while still being easily accessible to authorized users. In fact, this data is so critical to a corporation’s continued strength and competitiveness that they build or lease complete recovery back-up data centers located globally in the event data is lost due to a disaster of any kind.

These data centers can be Private,meaning company owned, or Public, meaning they are located within highly secured third party data centers they share with other companies, often referred to as Co-Location facilities.

Both are viable options and the Rocky Mountain region, where SEGI is based, is an area where companies - both Private and Public - are locating data centers due to the relative absence of severe weather or natural disasters.

Data Center infrastructure solutions are the strengths of the manufacturers represented by SEGI. Performance, cost containment, energy efficiency, security, rack density, virtualization, rapid deployment and, of course, reliability. Data centers have numerous priorities to meet the needs outlined above, all of them crucial to successful data management.

The manufacturers that SEGI represents have a proven record of meeting them all while exceeding their client’s expectations.

These are just a few of the reasons SEGI has the industry’s most comprehensive offering of data center solutions.

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