education infrastructure

Computers, tablets, PDA’s, laptops have arrived in schools of all kinds from kindergarten to universities. Some School districts are now planning for one high speed internet connection per student by 2014. Virtual classrooms are also being tested and considered in specific areas.

Teacher trainings in literacy with technology are being implemented everywhere. Smart, electronic white boards, pc based educational software, subscriber based programming, a computer for every student, webcams, surveillance systems, high end AV tools as well as long distance learning via the Internet are just a few of the many technological advances requiring a fast, reliable network infrastructure.

With all this in mind, planning an infrastructure such as network cabling solutions to support the necessary bandwidth while keeping within a specific budget can become a daunting task.

The product, diagnostic and protection offerings represented by SEGI are targeted for mission critical facilities and the physical layer of computer networks making them a perfect choice for the present and future needs of our educational systems.

Leviton, Berk-Tek, Chatsworth and Prime Conduit are all industry leading manufacturers that SEGI represents which are focused on developing unique reliable cost effective products and have had success stories in K-12 and Higher Education projects.

Fluke provides industry leading testing and diagnostic tools that ensure network continuity and performance while VFC provides expert grounding, bonding and structural lightning protection installations to protect these facilities and the expensive computer, audio visual and security systems they contain.

If you are searching for education infrastructure network solutions, call SEGI now!

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