Government infrastructure

The product, diagnostic and protection offerings represented by SEGI are targeted for mission critical facilities and the physical layer of computer networks.

As such, they have been the choice of government facilities of all kinds – Military, Federal, State, County and Municipal.All of these entities are challenged to provide fast, reliable services to the public while being challenged also to reduce costs.

The efficient flow of critical information is an integral part of providing these services in a cost effective way. Military facilities require secure reliable networks to protect the public in ways not dreamt of even 15 years ago.

All the manufacturers SEGI represents are deployed in many of the largest government agencies and military installations in the US and abroad. For example, they maintain relationships with “mandatory use” contract holders and GSA schedule approved distributors.

In fact, Leviton, Berk-Tek, Chatsworth and Fluke have focused efforts designed to provide the best possible partnerships with government agencies, their sub-contractors and systems integrators.

In addition, the NEXTLAN program maintains a Government Service Provider Network (GSPN) of highly qualified public sector contractors to meet set-aside requirements.

Funding for government projects often require products which adhere to the “American Recovery and Reinvestment Act” (ARRA) and “Made in America” criteria.  Our manufacturers have the capabilities and products to comply with the documentation required.

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